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Run for Adoption, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding homes for retired racing greyhounds.
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Available Dogs

If you are thinking of adopting a greyhound now is the time.  Please contact Carol or your local representative
to put your name on the waiting list.  All newly arrived hounds are spoken for. 
Right now we are receiving young dogs that were in training or soon to be in training.


Flying Plow - This exuberant 2 year old is looking for a home ready for action.  He is a powerhouse who will keep you busy.  If you are ready to shake up this summer this boy is ready to help

Leo – Brindle male 1.5 years.  This fun boy really will follow you anywhere.  He is super sweet and really wants to be a good boy.  He is looking for a cat free home where he can become your best buddy. 


Nala – 2 year old black female

V is a 5.5 year old female. 


Epic is a 4 year old female.


Nancy is a 3 year old female.


Felicia is a 18 month female.  Small and super curious.


Champ is a baby at just 18 months old.



Tital – this 3 year old brindle boy is sure to steal your heart.  He has over 100 races under his belt. 


Ron is 3 year old and just finished a full career as a race dog.  He has over 100 races to his credit.

This is Tara.

This is Leslie.

This is Idica.

This is Abby.

This is Carl.

This is Archer.


Lollipop – This 4 year old black and white girl could not be cuter.  She is busy, curious and fun.  She has a high prey drive so not cat safe.  But she is ready to spice up your life.

Adoption Pending

Beth - Headed to Great Falls

Lonesome Lee – 4 year old black snuggle bunny of a girl.  About 60 pounds of pure love.  This girl has a full race career with over 100 races.  She is not cat safe, but loves people. 


Saber Tripp - Adopted by the Tripp Family



Frankie – Adopted and living in Billings. 



Way is almost 2 years old fawn and white boy.  Although he is really sweet he also is pretty shy.  He needs a low stress home where he can feel safe and come out of his shell.  Beautiful dog who wants to be a homebody.  


This is Chatter. This darling little brindle girl would be happy to jump into your life or your arms.  She is sweet silly and bouncy.  She is just over a year old and ready to fit into an active lifestyle. 


Lulu is a bit timid at first.  This soft sweet girl is ready for a steady home life and lots of couch time.  Not yet 2 years old and full of love to give.



Opportunity –  This 2.5 year old light fawn girl is bound to steal your heart.  She already has someone interested in adopting  her. 



Goodie – Long time friend of Tecate and adopted together.  Thanks to the Henderson family for taking them both.


Tecate – Arrived with his long time friend at the Henderson’s.  It was a blessing they could stay together.



Wren is a black beauty and already in her home with the Rigby family.



Beautiful black IRIS is 2 ½ years old.  She is sweet, tall and lean and absolutely elegant.  Iris has a bit of prey drive so a home without small critters is best.  She is ready to join you on the couch or out for a stroll.  She is looking forward to spending her summer in her new home….could it be yours? 


Meg – Raced as Maga Facil – This 4 year old girl is active and sweet.  Very social and loved to be loved on.  She is a smiler. 


Moon – raced under Bella Half Moon.  8 year old brindle sweet heart.


Jade – Xterm K Jade – She was born 5/21/11.  This darling brindle girl didn’t want to pose for a picture she just wanted to lay at our feet and be adored.  She is ready to be someone’s canine princess. 


A Fly Adam Levine –He was born 3/21/13.  Congratulations to the Cornish family.


A Fly AJ Foyt has been adopted – Congrats to the Moore family.



Bristol just turned two.  She was turned in to the local shelter and they called us to help with her placement.  She is very sweet and knows sit and down although she sometimes gets the confused.  She is active and already knows her princess status.  She is ready for a life of soft beds, long walks and lots of love. 



Mia is love love love!!  She tries really hard to be good and likes to give kisses.  She is a little gamey so no small critters in her future home.  She gets along well with other dogs her size.  She will be 3 in July and would love to celebrate her birthday in her new home. 



Skidder is a sweet happy guy.  He just two years and ready to fill your life with fun and beauty.  He is white now but his red ticking may show up more in years to come.  He is good with dogs but not cat safe. 



Dare is a big handsome 5 year old boy and had a home waiting for him as soon as he arrived.  Congrats.



Little Bismark is a unusual red brindle with few stripes.  She is happy and social and likes everyone.  Gets along well with other dogs but is not cat safe.  She likes to play and play then play some more.   She will need a little extra dental care as her gums are already starting to recede.  She will turn 3 this summer.   



Speed was born April of 2014.  He is very handsome classic black beauty.  A little more laid back than some of the other youngsters.  He only showed moderate interest in the cat so may be cat trainable with close supervision and barriers when left alone.  He is friendly and likes other dogs. 



Mouse is a brindle and white boy born 8-2011.  Mouse has been adopted by the Henderson Family.  Congrats to this sweet shy boy.



Raz is a handsome 2 year old red boy that has been adopted.  Congratulations to the McIntosh family.


Bradley scored big when he was adopted under special circumstances by the Tripp family.  Congratulations!!


Van Zandt is a 2 year old  brindle boy.  He has been adopted by the Porisch family.  Congrats.


Tink was hand selected for the Hardy family.  She has changed her name to Birdie and has claimed the heart of the whole family.  Congratulations to all.



Belize is a 2 year old sweetheart is already on hold and will travel to her home next month.  Congrats Heather 



Martha came to us via GPA Greater Northwest.  When one of our experienced greyhounds homes was ready for a hound we didn’t have one available.  A neighboring greyhound group had Martha who was ready and impatiently waiting for her home.   A love connection was made and thanks to volunteers she was transported to her forever home.  Congrats to Judy, Dick and their pack.


Bow Wow – 6/5/11 – This girl is a knock out with her big doe eyes and striped coat.  She is a very good girl and loves people.  She is ready to be someone’s princess.  She is not cat safe.


Zack – 2-3 years – Zack is a lurcher which means he is mostly greyhound but not 100%.  He may not be pure greyhound but he is pure AWESOME!!  Zack is especially smart and he is very social.  He is not cat safe.


Rana – 12-19-08 – This pretty girl had a full race career.  She was going to a momma but we don’t know if she ever actually was.  Sweet calmer girl.  She is not cat safe but likes other dogs.  She is ready to find her forever home…she has heard rumors of soft beds and lots of petting.    


Flying Pink Floyd – 3/7/11 –  This active fun boy had a full race career.  He is loaded with personality.  Loves to play, get treats and play some more. If you want to adopt a real top racer this may be your boy. He is not cat safe.


Ozark – 4/14 – This is such a sweet puppy and he is looking for love.  He likes everyone and is even cat correctable.  Won’t you share your couch with him?


S’More – 11/18/13 – This sweet boy will have you wanting S’More!!  He is playful, not overly demanding and social.  He could even work with cats with some training. 


Tillie – 11/17/13 – Tillie is fun loving and likes to be in the middle of everything.  She is bright and can be silly.  Don’t overlook this pretty girl.


Swaps – 7/8/13 - Brindle female  
Photo coming soon Adopted

Mask – 4/30/13 – While with dark brindle male
Adopted by Kathleen and Kris Johnson from stevensville, MT

Dora – 4/11/14 – This brindle sweetheart has been spoken for.  She will spend her days in Stevensville.

If you are interested in adding a greyhound to your family please contact us.  If we know someone is looking we will take note and if there is a haul coming our way we might be able to get a dog for you.  Sometimes an adopter has to give up their hound and it just may be the perfect family member for you.  Keep in mind that often a dog doesn’t even make it on the web site.  So the first step to adding a greyhound to your family is to let us know you are looking.


RAINY – DOB 1/14 – Rainy is the baby of the bunch at just a little over a year.  She is a very pretty big brindle girl.  She weighs in at 73 pounds.  She is great with other dogs but is iffy with small critters.  This girl is winning our hearts with her playful and sweet ways. 


HONEY – DOB 8/13 – What else could you call a girl this sweet but Honey?  She is a really pretty light buckskin color with black on her tail and face.  She is a bit submissive but she really tries to do everything right.  Honey passed her cat test.  She is a large female at 72 pounds.


RUSH – DOB 7/13 -   Rush is slightly timid at first but she is ready to take over your heart and couch.  She is a rich red color and her eyes are lined with black and almost hypnotic.  She is a gorgeous little girl tipping the scales at just 54 pounds. 


TANK – DOB 7/13 He is a big sweet baby.  He is happiest when he is wrapping his people up in his lead or going between your legs.  He is playful and has been great with the other dogs.  He passed his initial cat test and just wants everyone to be happy.  He is about 75 pounds of boy puppy.

Meet Scott – 5 year old black boy.  Scott is very lovable and likes to lean.  He would be happy to snuggle with you on the couch for movie night or spend the day in the yard playing.  He is very happy and social guy.  He is great with other dogs but may be a little too much for small or elderly dogs.  Likes all people. Cats are doubtful but we will test him.  Scott is ready to be somebody’s baby.  He is a great dog!!

– she is not even two years yet and was a training flunky.  Prim was too fearful to enter training.  She is very skittish and will require a very low pressure home with lots of patience.  Another dog (greyhound preferred) to follow would be ideal.  A stable adult home with very secure doors and fencing will be required.  We are having a hard time cat testing her since she does not relax enough to really test, but her breeder told us she would likely not be cat safe.  She is very sweet and is a stunning girl. 

ADOPTED by Fred and Patti Spillman of Bozeman
- 18 months fawn boy. – With a name like Tiger you would expect stripes but he is a lovely black masked red.  He is a big eyed youngest just learning about the world.  He is very sweet and would do best in a home with another dog. 
  ADOPTED by Julie Parket and Pat Murphy of Great Falls
Willow – 4 year old brindle female.
  ADOPTED by Kyle and Kali Stickland of Missoula
Silver Dancer -
2 year old brindle female.

ADOPTED – All of us
Puff  was just 6 when she came to us.  As soon as we got her we noticed a lump on her leg.  Unfortunately that lump turned out to be an aggressive bone cancer.  She was only with us a few days before it became clear that she needed to released from her pain.  We were sad not to get to spend some time with her and get her into a new home.  But we were glad to help her and to offer her one on one love and TLC during her last days.  She will be fondly remembered.     


ADOPTED by Leah Gann of Belgrade
– 7 year old brindle female.  Star was a excellent racer.  She is a stakes winner and won multiple AA races at Wheeling down.  She retired to motherhood and had a few litters of pups.  She has earned life on the softest bed.  Not only was she a successful career mom but she is also very beautiful and sweet.  She will bring someone years of happiness. 

ADOPTED by Tracy Scott Pray of Missoula
– year old black male.  He  is super cute and sweet.  He is a youngster so his home should prepare for puppy antics. He can be vocal when he wants out to be with you.  He is great with other dogs and is cat workable.  He was never registered with NGA because he born with slightly bent legs.  You don’t notice it but his breeder felt racing may be too hard on him and she preferred to give him a good healthy life.  She also taught him to play fetch.  So if you are ready for FUN…buckle up….Spike is ready to have a family who wants to play.

ADOPTED by Joni and Darrin Muir of Victor
Sunsands Eve
– This girl will soon be 9 years.  She is lovely to look at and sweet as they come.  She is good with other dogs and seems to be workable with cats.  She is lovely!!

ADOPTED by Noah and Elizabeth Hashley of Kalispell
Cannelloni Candy
– Born March 2009 – This 5 year old is very sweet and likes to lean into you.  She is curious and bright.  We are still getting to know her.

ADOPTED by Judy and Dick Henderson of Billings
RC Ashely Bleu
- This 9 year old cutie was a racer and then a mom.  She was a excellent momma.  Her sweet happy nature is sure to be a great addition to any cat-free family.  She is not cat safe. 

ADOPTED by Steve of Miles City MT
– This boy is not yet two years.  He is full  of fun and love and is looking for the right family to share that with him.

ADOPTED by Sara and Josh Young of Kalispell MT
UCMe Holdon Tight
– This cute girl will soon be 8 years.  She is friendly and calm.  A very sweet girl.

ADOPTED by Sharon and Rolf Tandberg of Missoula MT
just had her 5th birthday and is ready to find a forever family.  She is on the quiet side, gentle and very sweet. 

ADOPTED by Maureen Christensen of Summerset SD
DC Hona
– This brindle beauty is about to turn 2 years.  She is silly and lots of fun.  Likes other dogs and all people.


is 3 years old.  He is big and very elegant.  Very people friendly but he gets along well with the other greyhounds and is a gentleman in the kennel.  No cats.    

ADOPTED by the Garber Family
is striking with his dark mask but his most remarkable feature is that he only has stripes on one side.  This boy is under two year and is cat friendly. 

ADOPTED by the Elmore Family
ICU Glamorous - This 7 year old beauty will be heading to Lou in Polson as soon as her vetting is done.  


ADOPTED by Krista Lorenz and Dan Jenssen of Bozeman, MT
Wrap It Up Mallory
- Retiring from a full and successful racing career. This 4 year old brindle girl is sweet and soft hearted. She is looking for a cat free zone and a couch of her own.

ADOPTED by Linda and Marty Cohen of Stevensville MT
AJ Raliegh
- This handsome 3 year old red boy had a short race career. He is friendly and sweet.

ADOPTED by the Jennings Family
Alicia is a happy sweet red girl.  Her tail never stops wagging. Not even 2 yet and ready to start her life as a cherished princess.

ADOPTED by the Paul/Varichak Family
- He has not had his second birthday yet and full of fun.  This red brindle boy still has some growing to do, he is on the lean side.  He will fill out to be a real knock out.  He showed little interest in the cat indoors so we are calling him cat workable.

ADOPTED by The Gill Family
Santa's Murphy
- This 2 year old dark brindle boy had a home waiting for him the moment he stepped off the trailer into Montana. Congrats to Sara and her family. Murphy will now be called Bela (pronounced Bayla) which is Hungarian for noble.

ADOPTED by the Townsend Family
– 4 year old, 83 pounds of sweet fawn greyhound boy.

ADOPTED by the Robinson Family
Miley – 4 year old black female.

ADOPTED by the Klein Family
Cry Martha – May 12, 2010 – white with black ticking,  57 pounds, retiring racer.

ADOPTED by the Glick Family
– Jan. ’12 – Fawn with a black mask – Silly and sweet describe this girl.  When we were trying to get her picture she kept getting down on her front end and crawling towards the camera.  She made us laugh with her antics.  Her coat is a little rough but she will shed out and be a perfect buckskin color.  She is cat tolerant.     

ADOPTED by the Glick Family
WW has Nobility
– born April ’06 – Nobility lives up to her name with regal charm.  With her smeared  brindle and dark mask her color has been described as similar to a Siamese cat.  She is tolerant of other dogs.    

ADOPTED by the the Babcock family
B My Baby
– Almost 2 years and full of sweetness.  B My Baby is tolerant of cats and likes other dogs.  She seems to be winking in this picture.  Maybe she is flirting, hoping you will fall for her. 

ADOPTED by the Warren Family
Slimbo -
Born in December this brindle boy won’t be 2 for a while yet.  He is big and beautiful.  He is the kind of dog that makes true greyhound fans drool!  Strong and full of himself, he can be a bit pushy with other dogs and no cats.  He still has some growing up to do but he is already impressive. 

ADOPTED by the Storey Family
GLS Black Knight
– May 18, 2011 – 71 pounds.  This classic black hound has expressive ears that stand straight up.  He is cat tolerant and very lovable.  Likes everyone and still just a baby..

ADOPTED by the Melin Family
WS Cherry Pepsi
– June 22, 2011 – This brindle sweetheart is sure to win you over with her soft eyes and stripe up her nose.  She is likes to lean and is cat tolerant.  She has really rich colors which make her coat look like fine polished wood.    

ADOPTED by the Tripp Family
Shamous Shea
– Will be 5 year in July.  Shea is sweet and silly.  No cats for this girl.  She had a full race career and was a kennel favorite at the OK adoption kennel.  Shea does have a very mild form of seizures which require a low cost medicine.  All of her vet records will come with her.  She does not collapse during her seizures she just gets really still and zones out and they are not very often, 3 noted in the past year.  Shea is personality plus and is sure to fill your days with laughter.


– Chumlee charmed his way into the heart and home of Dan and Carol Tripp.  Lee, as he will be known, has some big paw prints to fill.  He has already appointed himself as the welcoming committee, greeting visitors with a big toothy grin.

ADOPTED by the Tritchler Family
LT Greyson – Aug 16, 2010. This fawn 71 pound boy just retired from the track.  He is calm and cool until he hears something squeak and then he is ready to play.  Loves stuffed animals but don’t expect them to last.  He loved pouncing on it and shaking it all around.  Easy to handle and will lean in for lovin. 

ADOPTED by the Hoover Family
Triton’s Place
– June 20, 2010 – This brindle boy is a love bug.  We had him placed but he proved to be too much for the small white dog of the family.  Triton will  be the perfect first hound for some lucky home or a ideal addition to a greyhound family.  He is calm, easy to  be with and beautiful to look at.

ADOPTED by the Hoover Family
– This handsome 2 year old boy will be heading to Billings soon. 

ADOPTED by the Schatzke Family
Iruska Cry Baby laughed all the way to Billings as she scored a great home and will be called Journey.  This red and white beauty wiggled her way into the heart of Ryan and Bek.  Congratulations!!!

ADOPTED by the Hardy Family
Nitro Deuce – We could not wait to get our hands on this 8 year old retired stud dog.  We met him several years ago and he impressed us with his fun and sweet personality.  A few of his offspring have already come to Montana, every one of them made us want him even more.  Deuce never even made it to foster care here in Montana.  He was adopted almost as soon as he arrived by one of our favorite greyhound homes.  This picture is his first night in his new home.  He has already figured out which couch is his.  Congrats to the Hardy family of Missoula and to Deuce!!  Thanks again to the Nitro Kennel for sending yet another great dog. 


Photo Paper
– This young brindle beauty already has an adoption pending.

Town Tamer
– 8 year old retired momma.  She was an awesome racer and then had a second career as a mom.  Now she is ready for it to be all about her.  She is ready to be the princess in some lucky person’s life.  She is soulful and quiet and tries really hard to be good.  I am in love with her and you will be too.

– 2 year old red and white boy.  Joe has icky puppy coat but when loses that and fills out he is going to be a knock out.  He likes to play and is very sweet.   He is cat correctable.  Like all young dogs Joe will take a bit of a time commitment to become all he can be. 

Money Mags
– 2 year old fawn girl – Adoption pending – As soon as she is vetted she will be packing her bags for her home who is already waiting. 

RC Plexico
- 5 yr. old black boy with a greying face. This is one cool dog.  He just wants to be loved will follow you anywhere.  He is a little on the big side and is sure to be someone’s best friend.  He may have an old dog face but it matches his wonderful old soul.  He is cat correctable and had no reaction to the small dogs other than wanting to say “hello”.  He is easy to overlook but anyone who spends anytime with this boy falls in love with him. 

Skinny Larry
– 2 year old brindle male – adoption pending – another great dog from the Nitro Kennel!!

– 1 year black male.  They called him Run Spot Run and fun loving is his game!!  When Spot was a pup he broke his leg, unfortunately his leg healed poorly.  By the time he got to Montana it quickly became clear that Spot would be much better off without that painful leg.  Spot will go through life as a tripod after losing his right hind leg.  When we got news of how bad the leg was the question became, do we put the money into surgery or let him go?  The answer was reached with one look into his happy trusting eyes.  Of course we will do surgery and figure out how to pay for it.  People who feel sorry for Spot need not apply…Spot won’t feel sorry for himself.  Spot needs a home who will spend the time to make him the exceptional pet he will become.  He will repay you with a lifetime of laughter and love.      

– 5 year old red brindle female – race name WW Blazin Star – ADOPTION PENDING – this 5 year old sweet heart is spoken for and will be moving to Billings soon.

– 2 year old fawn boy – race name Lizard Lick.  Remember the funny little lizard in Disney movie Mulan named Mooshu?  This boy is just as social and funny as that character.    Mooshu and his sister Money Mags came to Montana together.  He will make a great addition to a non-cat home.

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